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: Indian River, Michigan, U.S.A.
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Owned since 1959! Very original boat with 110 fittings on it or available (as are the mahogany foot boards), wood mast & boom, Merriman 0-A winch on bridge deck, serviceable dacron sails plus the original cotton set, ash battens. Canoe paint job. Deck covered with fiberglass cloth set in epoxy some years ago; has stood up well. Needs some chine repair and other work. Outboard bracket, drawer (goes under deck aft of cockpit). A great boat due for some normal restoration--preferably as a classic rather than a racer. Yes, it's a one-design, but we always considered it a better heavy weather boat than some other 110s. Arranged so that it is easy to single hand sail. Together and sailed last summer; planning on this. Moving.

I was in Michigan lately (where the boat is located) and decided to donate it to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Petoskey, MI) which will probably put it on Craig's List and use the money to
further its efforts to protect the environment in northern Michigan. I suppose if anyone were seriously interested in the boat, they could contact the Council and make an offer (tel. 231 347-1181 or see its website which has email contacts).
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