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  1. Peter B

    I got my first 110 #53 when I was 10. I have just reconditioned a Lawleys yard 110 a hull # in the 150’s racing number 629. Went out today at the age of 73. Light breeze off Cohasset out of the east fluky but fun. Tomorrow I hope for a hard sowester and will break out the trapese with a much younger crew. Sails were Hood circa 1965. My raciong days now long in the past; no hiking straps, no trapeze, no traveler, no under the deck turtle, no back stays , no floating genoa leads and all the boats had bridges. the 110 has come a long way. 629 is now 65 years old add ten and thats me probably the oldest geezer on the water in a 110.


  2. John

    Hello All,
    I stumbled upon this website and it got me thinking about 110s again. I had a great time sailing them with some of the best racing I’ve ever done.

    I hope to retire this summer and am thinking that building a new 110 could be a good retirement project. Are plans still available? Where do I get a set?

    John B
    formerly #699 “. . . . it”


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