2 thoughts on “List of 110 National Championship winners 1939-2013

  1. Al

    In the early 1960s I owned #437 and raced in San Diego until the Navy transferred me to Long Beach. In Long beach the boat won the Fleet Championship, but under 2 skippers as I had to deploy to West pack. The season Championship went to a single skipper and not a boat. From there we took “BARFLY” to Key West where she was sailed in an Open class and usually did quite well. An assignment to Vietnam and a growing family caused the boat to be sold just after the trapize was approved.

    I visit Fort Adams in Newport occasionally and am always glad to see the unique shape of a 110. So glad to see the design is still around, but no made of wood.

    I also sailed with Jack Slattery on a C&C 41 after I left the Navy.

    Al M


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